Saturday, March 17, 2007

Positive Attitude - Keeping a Positive Attitude Despite Problems

Are you having trouble keeping a positive attitude because of problems in your life? You are among many people in this world today. Even those with highly positive attitudes struggle at times when faced with adversity.

KEY POINT 1: Your problems shape your character.

While it may sound absurd, it's very true-your problems mold your character. They make you who you are. Character can be defined as, "A complex of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions."

If you allow your problems to break you down, causing you to give up or throw up your hands in frustration, what does that speak of your character? It says that you will break with every ounce of hardship that comes your way. Alternatively, if you push forward despite adversity, your character is shaped by strength and persistence.

KEY POINT 2: Your problems make you stronger.

In the middle of troubles, it's often difficult to see through the fog that clouds your mind and vision. This is when the true test of your strength and courage comes into play. Will you stand strong, chin forward and keep walking anyway?

Once you make it through to the other side of this wall, you will have gained untold strength. You're flexing and using your muscles through all those dilemmas. So keep up your pace and don't slow down. Victory is ahead!

KEY POINT 3: Your problems strengthen your will.

Not only do problems make your stronger mentally, but they serve the purpose of strengthening your will, too. As you motivate yourself to keep forging ahead, you build great resolve and determination. Your character, in turn, is reinforced and you become stronger than ever before.

No matter how difficult the situation is that you're going through, you can keep a positive attitude, despite it all. Keep your mind focused and stay on the well-beaten path. You will make it through to the other side a better person.

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