Monday, March 19, 2007

Be Positive!

Positive, For some its hard, for others its easy, being positive throughout your life while doing various activities is and can be a full time job in it's self.

Your attitude around your friends, family and public people really tells them who you are, being positive instead of negative makes an excellent first impression on anybody. Positive means to be absolute, clear-cut, definite, forward-looking and expressively firm with a decision. Having a positive attitude toward something means you are willing to commit and do the work without complaint, which leads to goals. Setting realistic goals that you know you can achieve by staying positive is a great beginning to success. A goal should be set within reach; it should either be short term or long term weather it's in sport, business or even family. A short term goal would mean "I will get up at six o'clock in the morning and go for a walk". Long term is a goal set to be achieved over a certain time and may contain various short term goals in order to reach it, "Over twelve months I will budget for that car I've always wanted". Having goals which are set again and again after each one is achieved will give you a mind set or target to strive for which leads to success, with success becomes natural positive attitude. With all positiveness, goals and success builds a higher potential and belief within yourself. Having a 'win win' thinking mind is the key to a positive attitude.

After now swimming for 10 years I believe that the key to success is to simply believe in what you really want. Telling yourself "I can do this" instead of "ohhh! I hate this, I can't to it, I feel like crap". Your mind and body is dumb when it comes to pressure, all it wants to do is take the easiest way out. In my situation (competitive swimming) any negative comments that come out practically means you've already lost the race and your mind is not set on the job. The only way to win and succeed in any sport is to be positive even when things do go wrong and not the way you want them to knowing that they will only get better, believe in yourself and what you want to achieve, imagine or even dream that you are there, you have already won, an excellent coach that can see your capabilities and hard training which is sometimes difficult but always pays off at the end of the day.

Feeling good about yourself and showing self confidence boosts your skills potential and capabilities in any areas of work and sport. Also keeping in mind that pushing things to the limit and going beyond what you think is possible to get to the "next level" is another key to achieving what you really want in whatever you do. It may even be relationships, if you're finding it difficult to meet someone you are actually interested in, don't wait because it usually doesn't come to you, get help from a professional, "if you really want it, you have to go get it". One of the most important things while doing all of this is to have fun and always be happy about what you're doing, have a successful goal setting lifestyle with a positive attitude.

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