Saturday, May 05, 2007

Self Improvement ... Why do We Repeat Things We May Not Even Enjoy

Sometimes we do things and we don't know why we repeat them
over and over again given that they seem to drain us. For
instance, night after night you may stay up too late and then be
dragging at work the next day. You tell yourself that you won't
do that again but the next night comes and it's another 2 AM
night. The alarm goes off at 6:30 and the cycle continues of
exhaustion, promises to change the habit and late night tv.

How can we overcome this type of behavior that we know saps our
energy? Sometimes we need to step back and look at what is going
on. Are we compensating for something missing during the day or
in our lives by watching tv so late on week nights? If so, is
there a way to make work more enjoyable or challenging ? If you
dislike your job have you thought about looking at the paper for
possible job opportunities that may match your interests and
abilities better?

Is something missing socially in your life? Can something
special be set up on the weekend with family or friends that
will be a true highlight of the week? If you are single, can you
think about ways you will begin to meet other people and
connect? When we enrich our lives with something meaningful we
often cut back on activities that are just "fillers" or
"distractions". It is similar to cooking a gourmet meal for
dinner. If you are hungry an hour before that you wouldn't just
munch on junk food but instead eat a fruit or stay a little bit
hungry because you don't want to kill the quality of your meal.

Certain habit can disappear when we enhance our lives with
meaningful work, relationships and quality activities. By
re-evaluating our situations, we can get new ideas on what will
add value to our lives. This will help us clear out those
activities that we fall into which we don't truly find
fulfillment in but do just out of habit.

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