Friday, April 13, 2007

Skin Color or Content of Character?

Skin color or content of character? This is a question we all must decide upon when dealing with people.

As leaders will we be persuaded and polarized by skin color? Character, inner values, and one's life direction are far more important. When evaluating and assessing future employees and co-workers, it is vital that we take an inventory into what really matters and not be sidetracked by race.

Affirmative action says give everyone a fair chance, with which I agree. However by no means should anybody have to be put on hold at the back of the line because their skin color doesn't meet government quotas or isn't desirable.

Equally so, no ethnic minority should be disqualified solely on the basis of their skin color. If they are polite, hard working, industrious, and desirous give them a chance. Africans, Hispanics, Haitians, and Asians are all wonderful people.

Don't be blinded by color. I have traveled to over 50 countries of the world and interacted with all types of people. Most human beings are very kind, courteous, and industrious. Every society has a few lazy folks who have an angst against someone or something. Don't fall into that minority by excluding and withholding rightful opportunities from those who have been subject to racial prejudices in the past.

It's a new day! Let's live and let live. Kindly accept everyone and afford them some self-respect. What you sow, you shall also handsomely reap in return. Be a progressive, fair-minded, and level-headed leader. Let your example reconcile the racial divide, revolutionize stereotypical prejudices, and lead the way into an unprecedented future.

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