Sunday, December 23, 2007

Black History Month Speaker Empowerment Principles to Live Like a King

Live like a King! Remember, honor, and prophetically be guided into the hereafter by the outstanding bequest of the King family. Had not Africans arisen to face unfairness in America, there would be no human or civil rights in this country.

Capture the greatness of African American civil rights leadership and leave their spirit today in the Black Maria of a new culture. Let us once again properly place with their struggle. For me my personal history and interaction with Africans is rather unusual as I as a achromatic adult male have got been numerous modern times to Africa. The 8 states I have got spoken to audiences in are the destitute war-torn states of East Africa.

We must honestly admit the historical atrociousnesses at the custody of achromatic supremacists and the states they duped into following their ideology. Unlike many achromatic talkers and curates who travel through Africa, I encouraged my African blood brothers to not emulate achromatic work force in their dress, but rather be reliable in their individuality. I state my African friends: "You were born an original. Bash not decease a copy."

I personally deeply love and place with Dr. St Martin Martin Luther King Jr. and his family. In fact I had the privilege of meeting his girl Bernice King in Southern California, when she spoke on great outlooks for the future. The King household was spied on by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 4 old age after the character assassination of Rev. King the great Civil Rights leader.

The King family's forward battle and refusal to give our cosmopolitan human rights should be an inspiration to us all. Even when faced with personal danger, threats, violence, and decease they boldly carried on full military unit to subvert unfairness and the farce comedy of authorities that claimed to stand for we the people. The King household peaceably achieved reformation taking United States out of the Dark Ages and one measure closer into the light. Let us go on the fighting for freedom lest we lose what Dr. King complete for us.

History curiously reiterates itself. While United States bombed and burnt Socialist Republic Of Vietnam with napalm, Hoover's Federal Bureau of Investigation was assassinating civil rights leadership such as as Dr. St Martin Martin Luther King and Fred Lionel Hampton of the Black Jaguar Party. Today the ATF kills women & children and Burns & bulldozes Christian churches (Waco, TX). Police brutalize World Trade Organization peaceful protestors on Seattle's streets. NYPD homicide African Americans celebrating a unmarried man party. Eight Sunshine State boot encampment workers punch, kick, and kill a 14-year-old African American male child and are acquitted of manslaughter. Are this democracy and the sort of United States Dr. King gave his life for?

Unless we as a people go on to stand up up to injustice, the freedoms our forefathers fought for shall be lost as United States goes a police force state to function the military-industrial complex. No authorities for the profiteers can also be for the people. Nevertheless what we endure volition go on to dominate. Therefore it is clip for us to arise, rise the standard, and take a base to deliver the homeland.

The White Person House could utilize some colour to again feel, acquire real, and mend the homeland.

African Americans have got always led the manner and been at the tip of the lance to Pierce through wicked and injustice. In this hr more than ever, African Americans must struggle for people of every colour who are being exploited and disenfranchized. The voice of African Americans must be heard throughout our land!

Interacting with the victims of race murder in war-torn Rwanda and Republic Of Burundi (East Africa) where 1.2 million blood brothers divided and killed one another had a deep consequence upon me. My goes deep into "the bush" of Africa (Malawi and Mozambique) where villagers had never before seen a achromatic man, provided me a fantastic cross-cultural undergo and the opportunity to experience being a minority myself.

When modern times acquire tough, we must inquire ourselves:

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

Are you a mover and a shaker, or being moved and shaken?

Are you portion of the problem, or portion of the solution?

Are you living and loving fearlessly?

What are you living for and for what will you be remembered?

Is what you are living for, deserving dying for?

Do you have got a dream? Are you daily moving toward making it a world or is it merely a fantasy?

What you decline to confront, you can never correct.

What you tolerate, will go on to dominate.

You don't necessitate a high IQ, if you have got a strong "I will" and unblinking determination.

It's clock we cognize ourselves by the spirit and the content of our character, rather than the colour and shadiness of our skin. When we originate within and halt being distracted with conversations of color, we shall truly demo the human race what it is to transcend racial bias and unrecorded powerfully.

This Black History Calendar Month don't just observe and reflect upon the brave journeying toward autonomy and equality embarked upon by African Americans of the past. Let us recommit ourselves to the continued chase of freedom and equality for all.

African Americans stand for every facet of this country's heritage and hope. Only with the engagement and leading of African Americans can this state truly unify and accomplish civil, social, and economical justness for all.

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