Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Build Your Thoughts And It Will Build Your Life

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new
landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust.

Are you looking for solutions to your problems and issues?

The answers you are looking for are right within you.

If you are in a status quo in your own mind, you won't travel
very far in the voyage of you life.

I have been looking for answers from the outside most of my life
until I found a mentor who taught me where to look for answers.
Not only to find solutions to my problems, but to recognize
where all my problems were coming from.

It all comes from within your own mind. Whatever is going on
within your own mind will attract either good results or bad
results in just about every facet of your life such as: your
relationships, your work, your marriage, your business, your
investments, your dealings with others and so on…

Everybody would agree that to stay in good physical shape you
must watch what you eat and exercise. For your life to be in
good shape you must feed your mind with good thoughts and
exercise your mind. Your must stay in shape, mentally to be
able to take control of your life.

How do you know if you are in good mental shape? An easy way to
measure your mental state is by your emotions. If you "feel
good" you are in a good mental alignment at that point in time.
If you "feel bad" your are not in a good mental alignment at
that point in time.

What are some examples of "good feelings" and "bad feelings"?
Good feelings are also named: joy, happiness, love,
thankfulness, truthfulness, forgiveness, inner peace, serenity
and the like… Bad feelings are also named: anger, jalousie,
fear, remorse, sadness, pain, grudge, anxiety and the like…

The one thing no one can control but you is your thoughts. That
said, however, it is very difficult to control ALL our thoughts
all day long. As a matter of fact that is basically impossible
to control every thought that are running through our mind every
second of the day. It is possible, however, to make the
decision to feel a certain way. I am not saying that it's easy,
but it is possible.

Start getting up in the morning being grateful for what you
have. Consciously refuse to concentrate on what you do not have
or do not want.

It is not easy to build big muscles to shape and strengthen our
body is it? No, but it's possible with discipline and

Our brain works exactly the same way as our body does. With
discipline and consistency we can and will shape our thoughts
guided by our feelings. We will see the results of our
conscious decision to feel a certain way even though it might
not always be easy.

Like physical work out, take it a little at the time on a
regular basis until you are the master of your feelings and
thoughts. Over time you will catch yourself when you start
thinking negative.

Every morning decide to feel good by conscientiously thinking
about positive things that will bring about positive emotions.
Train yourself to catch bad thoughts that are trying to sneak
in. This is the type of exercise that will train your "muscle
brain" to react and switch every time a bad feeling will let you
know that what you are thinking right now is not in alignment
with good mental energy and therefore, not healthy.

If you practice this simple exercise on a daily basis you will
see enormous changes in your life. Not over night, but over
time. Don't give up!

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