Friday, February 29, 2008

Are You a Strategic Leader?

Aren't all leadership strategic? Isn't being strategical a requirement for being identified as a leader?

I have got got coached 100s of leaders; those who have been terminated (right-sized, downsized or fired) and those who are seeking to heighten their leading prowess. After working with this big volume of executive director clients, I am able to fairly easily place those leading who have got got got got an innate strategical constituent as portion of their leadership makeup, those that have acquired a certain accomplishment degree and those who speak about scheme - but don't have a hint as to how to be a strategical leader.

What are the differences?

Those leadership who have a true strategical attack and intent see the complexness and the simpleness (yin and yang) in all problems, opportunities, challenges and threats. They see all the disparate "dots" - and they can link them. They encompass the large image and they are able to see and enactment on the interrelatednesses between fundamentally differing elements.

The other two groupings of leaders: those who have got acquired accomplishments in asking discovery questions, reading the indexes and capitalizing on tendencies and those who speak about scheme but are mired in tactics - can larn the dogmas of strategy, but they never acquire the degree of omniscience and precognition that true strategical leadership naturally exhibit.

Another observation about strategical leadership - they also get fired! Their strategical leading endowment makes not do them immune to the caprices of corporate reality. For any figure of reasons, they often happen themselves in an unwanted transition. But through conversations with them, I happen that they all proverb it coming 18 calendar months to two old age before the existent event. Some tested to turn the tide; others saw the inevitableness and took stairway to get to place their adjacent opportunities. Most often, they were fired because they were the announce of troubled modern times to come up or they opposed popular determinations that they knew would not profit the corporation.

Are you a strategical leader?

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